New Hampshire short term stays exclusively for Porcupines

Request to host or stay with Porcupines in New Hampshire:

How does it work?

1. Request a stay

Let us know what you are looking for in New Hampshire. Want to stay in a schoolbus, in a treehouse, or in a spare apartment room? We can help find any Porcupine owned short term stays to suit your needs and at suitable rates.

2. Get emailed about availability

Our Porcupine hosts will contact you about availabilities in your timeframe, and within your cost per day budget. Its that easy!

Where can I stay?


Come escape to the woods of New Hampshire and experience the wonder of our forests.


With over 20 miles of oceanfront, New Hampshire has no shortage of beach bums who love liberty.


Like babbling brooks? How about fishing and swimming in clean freshwater? We've got that too.


Ever crave chinese food at 2 am? Stay near our cities and order till your heart's content.

With Families

Hundreds of liberty loving families have extra rooms to rent, and would love to meet your family and help you find your new home.

With Farmers

Want to stay on a farm and feed the chickens? Farmers are always looking for new farm hands, and most will let you park your own camper on their land while you visit.